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Our Company

We are the Glorious Resurrection Memorial Park Inc. (GRMPI), a first class memorial park located at the heart of Tagum City and just a stone’s throw away from the Tagum City Public Market & Terminal, and major thoroughfares. It is the pioneering memorial park in Davao Del Norte established in 1972. In over 40 years, we have served many families in Tagum City and its neighboring municipalities thus establishing a strong and close-knit community. Truly, GRMPI’s exceptional and enviable location and service expertise makes it the best choice for an eternal memorial home for your loved ones.

Our Tradition

One glorious tradition of the park is our celebration of the Feast of All Souls and All Saints, where it seems that the whole city converges as one to remember and give tribute to the departed.

Land Development

The Memorial Park has a total land area of 26 hectares of which 11.5 hectares has been fully developed. Out of the developed land, various lot inventories are still available for sale, while the remaining undeveloped land ensures that GRMPI will be able to serve more families for decades to come.

A new area, LAWAAN is currently undergoing full-scale development and is already being offered for pre-selling. At 1.4 hectares, it is an exclusive enclave of family estates and garden lots that will feature a gazebo and pocket gardens – an oasis of peace and tranquility.


To be a world-class memorial park operating with integrity to the very highest standard of business conduct.


  • To provide a peaceful resting place for the departed loved ones.
  • To provide a solemn and meaningful memorial ceremony to honor the life of a loved one.
  • To provide a service that goes beyond our normal business practices, through the Perpetual Care Fund which covers improvements and repairs of park amenities, round-the-clock security and overall upkeep of the memorial park perpetually.
  • Treat our people as more important than physical and financial asset by providing challenging opportunities for continuous learning and growth.

Features and Amenities

Perpetual Care Memorial Park
Underground Drainage Facilities
Double Interment Options
Park Admin Bldg.
Concrete Perimeter and Security Walls

Ground Maintenance and Landscaping

Wide Picnic and Parking Area

Well Paved Roads /  Street and Park Lighting

Safe Jogging Path

24 Hour Security

The Glorious Advantage

Prime Location and Accessibility

Accessible from three major roads (La Filipina Road, Suaybaguio-Rina Road and Wakan Road), The Glorious Resurrection Park is also a stone’s throw away from the Tagum Public Market & Transport terminal. GRMPI offers you an enviable location and unparalleled accessibility, making it the best choice as an eternal memorial home for your loved ones.

High Value Investment

Land is a finite source and the utmost rule governing property value is location. A good location will always increase its value over time. Hence investing in this property will yield higher value compared to other investment instrument.

Purchasing a memorial plot ahead of time gives you a good price advantage and ease of payment, as well as protect the buyer from inflation. Furthermore, buying a memorial lot at an age where income is at its maximum will ensure that there will be less burden on you and your loved ones during your twilight years.

Perpetual Maintenance Fund

Every lot in GRMPI is covered by the Perpetual Care Fund, thus giving you the convenience of not having to pay additional yearly cost. This trust fund will cover maintenance, improvements, 24 hr security and overall upkeep of the park.

Perpetual Ownership of the Lot

The lot owner is entitled to permanent ownership upon the issuance of a Certificate of Ownership(CO). The CO will be given once the total contract price has been paid.Your memorial lot is also fully transferable provided a minimum transfer fee is paid.

Yearly Realty Tax Exemptions

The memorial Lot is a value for money investment since it is exempted from yearly realty taxes.

Peace of Mind from Future Financial Stress

In times of loss and bereavement, there will be decisions to make following the passing of a loved one and the last thing you will need is the financial and emotional burden of purchasing a memorial plot at a much higher at need price. Purchasing a preneed memorial lot allows you and your family peace of mind while allowing you to have options without time constraints.


The memorial park is guarded 24 hours round the clock with uniformed security guards and secured with concrete fences along its boundaries. It is well lighted during nighttime with curfew hour established to deter undesirable elements.

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